Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Week 2 Reflection

Last week assignment on bibliography was not fun as I expected it. Before I started my USA study path, I never heard about styles of citations. However, I got slammed with MLA and APA on my first class. It was mild slam, but still, it was slam. The communication teacher wanted us to use MLA format for our research paper and writing speeches. So MLA is my first choice. But, and there is always but, most of the teachers ask for APA style. Some of them are strict.
I had teacher who was insisting to format in APA style 5th edition? What a heck? I do see importance of proper citations to give credit and kudos to the person who spent time (possible money too) to research and write the document. But common, is it really important to have everything listed in particular order, with exact type style? I believe that if we can have rules on what citation and reference had to contain, and order and format to let on the author discretion, it will really ease the task for many people.
Would I use MLA and APA after I am done with my school? I do not know. Probably is the first word to come up my mind. Everything is standardized, so if I want to fit in, I would need to keep up with standards. Luckily the Purdue Owl writing center and Son of citation machine are there to help me in the future to keep up with today’s and future changes in formatting of my texts.

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