Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dr. King’s “Letter” as a Blog post

I must admit that I was surprised by today’s assignment. As we have discussion on valuation of blogs as resources for research topic, it really makes me think deeper about this question.
I am certain that many of us do not take Blogs as a credible source to be used in serious academic research paper. Discussion about credibility will be here for some time because the blogs are the newest addition to the global world of information.
So, would the Dr. King choose to put him self and his credibility on the line for publishing such important document on the blog spot. My personal opinion is that he would. In this letter he criticizes people that do nothing. He goes to the distance to point that moderate people that do nothing may be even bigger danger than open opposition. So, I presume that he will choose any possible way to spread his message, and to do something, anything. In 1963, the letters are the only one way to do that. Today I am sure that he will use modern technology to influence the people.
Back to the questions of credibility of blogs; even the government thinks that blog is great idea to spread the word about important information's. It may not be widely accepted, but we are going that path, and pretty soon we will be able to accept blogs as a valid source of information. People as Dr. King will surely have great impact on that area of speeding up the recognition process and raising the credibility of blogs, if he was alive today.
In conclusion I would like to address the other advantages of posting this type of letters or any other political materials by the blog media. It is cheap and direct, it is fresh and changeable. It is easy to customize and easy to target the audience. It is convenient way to communicate. All of those advantages and many more are recognized by many businesses and organizations. Many non-profit organizations maintain their blogs in order to inform the public of their contributions. The blogs are also recognized in the world of political dissidents, what Dr. King was at his time. Just remember how important blogs were during voting in Iran and bloody demonstrations afterwards to spread the information that censured press could not.

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