Thursday, February 11, 2010

English 240 class
Review of the past week

It is hard to believe that ten days already past from beginning of the class. The learning experience so far is very positive. On the first, I was really overwhelmed with amount of work (read discussions) that I will have to post for this class. To be honest, I still am overwhelmed, but now I know that it is doable.
Trying to keep up with the class and balance it with my other life commitments developed some kind of responsibility that I never had before (it may be just plain insomnia). However if I am comparing this class to the other English classes I had before; this class is much more fun that any other. I love the real life themes, and implementation of modern technologies such as this blog that teacher is using to teach us new tricks. I have feeling that I learned more about summaries and different stages of developing the research project that I learned on my two previous classes.
This week readings about credit cards really hit the home with me. As I stated in my introduction, I am really passionate about finances and financial policies. Also the issue of banks and credit cards is currently the hottest topic of our economy with president and congress taking on the problem very seriously. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the reading assignment since my topic of credit scores is very closely related to the bank regulations and decisions about credit cards. Some of the authors really touched my nerve, but I will write about that tomorrow in regular discussion board. This is my happy blog after all.
So, judging by past ten days, my expectations for the rest of the class are very high. I expect to learn great part of how to organize and write good persuasive discussions. It may not be my job requirement, but it will give me an added confidence in everyday tasks that will hopefully expand once I get my degree in my hands.
On the end, couple of words about the teacher and classmates; you guys rock. As Christi Hammond, our classmate sad: this class have the most helpful and supportive bunch of people that I had in my class for a long time. The professor is also very helpful and in beginning I was really puzzled what I suppose to do. After the chat session and some clarifications in the emails, now I can follow and understand what and why we have to do all this job. So my fellow followers; have great week and just keep up, and we will all together make it to the finals.

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