Sunday, February 28, 2010

End of the road evaluation

What I am carrying forward from this class is that it takes many steps and time to do research paper properly. This class transformed my presumption that I can write any kind of essay in one night. The assignments and discussion helped me to realize how complex writing is. It also assured me that definite and indefinite articles are not my friends. As a foreign born I never used them in my native language. As a matter of fact, we do not have them at all. Well lets keep going without further complains.
First week was OK. New assignment, new people and new teacher all contributed to my excitement. But, then came the second week. I felt overwhelmed and I lost some points due to the unarticulated sentence structure. I guess I wanted a lot, but was able to provide lot less. Third week was rebirth of my enthusiasm. I put some good wee hours into my study and was able to recapture momentum. And then came the last week. Last week appeared to me to be a little easier than other. I guess it is because I already had 75% of my final draft done. Thanks Ms. Jennings for making us write bibliography and rough draft.
So, am I satisfied with my achievement? I am one of those guys that always think that it could be done better. There is always place for improvement. As I sad, I may learn to use the definite and indefinite articles better. Due to my tight schedule with classes, family and work, I believe that I did best I could. What would I do better if I had to repeat this class? Probably I would try to start doing assignments earlier so I would have more time for rereading and rewriting them if necessary. But, on the other hand I may have even less time in the future.
This brings us to the final question of this evaluation and the class of English 240; how would I grade my self? This part has always been the hardest one for me. I am never good in grading someone, let alone my self. I always use subjective approach which results in me being a way off the target. So, I will leave this to the Professor Jennings to assess my contributions and level of achievement. I just want to assure everyone that I really put all what I got in order to finish this class with satisfaction of great achievement.
On the end I want to wish all of my followers, colleagues and Professor Jennings good luck in further assignments. Please do not be a stranger, and swing by this blog since I am planning to update it periodically. This blog is also one of great achievements that I was referring above since it is my first ever.

Have great life

Predrag Kovacevic

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